2021 7th International Symposium on Sensors, Mechatronics and Automation System
Prof. Xiaochuan Chen

Prof. Xiaochuan Chen


Prof. Xiaochuan Chen (Link)

College of Mechanics of Donghua University, China

Speech Title: Finite element analysis of cotton ginning state based on ANSYS

Abstract: In order to analyze the stress condition of the seed cotton in the process of cotton gin and improve the quality of lint, a new cotton model was presented based on the idea of composite laminate---laminated cotton model. The model assumes that the cotton interior is made up of a certain number of cotton fibers, each of which has a different arrangement angle. On the basis of this model, ANSYS is used to simulate the ginning process. The mechanical properties of the single cotton fiber with machine-picked cotton and hand-picked cotton are obtained. The working condition of the ginning process is successfully described. By analyzing of the influence of different working conditions on the serration cotton ginning process, the simulation results show that the conclusion is consistent with existing experience and the model is reasonable.

Brief Introduction: 

Prof. Chen received PhD. in engineering from Dalian University of Technology in July 2000. He received his master's degree in 1997 and bachelor's degree in1992 from Dalian University of Technology. He worked as a visiting scholar in the Department of Mechanics of the University of Hong Kong in September 2002, and worked as a visiting scholar at Michigan University of Technology in September 2007 for one year. Since April 2003, he has worked in the College of Mechanics of Donghua University, China. 

 He has published 96 papers, including 7 papers in SCI, 17 in EI. He have published 2 books with ISBN.He was a senior member of China Society of mechanical engineering and IACSIT (International Association of computer science and information technology).He is a peer communication evaluation expert of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a member of the expert database of academic degrees and graduate education of the Ministry of education, a member of the evaluation expert database of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission.

He focus on composite material processing and simulation, mechanical design methods and the application of artificial intelligence.